Monday 13 October 2014

Dolly In ... Milos | Part Two

So, the reason I had to make a second post about Milos is because we took a boat trip. Not just any boat trip, but a 10 hour, round-the-island, catered boat trip. It was incredible. We all agreed it was probably the best day of our lives. 

The trip started at 10am and left from the main port of Milos. Throughout the day we were given delicious snacks including homemade bruschetta, local peaches, sandwiches, Greek salad and a spaghetti lunch. We were also treated to unlimited drinks; coke, lemonade, beer, wine and of course water.  

The trip revealed things about Milos that we'd have had no idea about if we hadn't taken it, from fishing towns that are uninhabited in the winter months, to geological wonders. We saw things that you wouldn't have believed (if I hadn't taken photos). At various points during the day the boat stopped and allowed us to explore beaches and coves (inaccessible by road) from the water. It was sooooo much fun, especially because they provided snorkelling equipment and flippers! 

This is a famous rock in Milos because from one angle it looks like a rabbit, and from another it looks like a bear. Cool eh?

These rock formations were incredible. It's something to do with the volcanic activity around and beneath the island. I have no idea who this man is, but he will now be forever immortalised on this blog. 

One of the factors that sold this particular trip to us was the fact that an underwater camera was involved, and that we'd be able to keep the pictures! No surprise then that we took over 100 photos!

Mmm how sexy do I look in a snorkel? I only put this picture in because the reflection makes it look like I have antennae.

I thought I'd finish with this picture because the water was literally that blue! We took a lot of photos of our legs, and they were all pretty rubbish, but at least in this one most of us look human.

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  1. ahh those underwater photos are amazing. ;) xxx