Saturday 27 February 2016

Fifth Harmony | Work From Home

So Fifth Harmony just dropped the track Work From Home, complete with a video, and I have a few things to say about it. Read on ....

I love 5H! I went to see them last year and they were fantastic! Their first album is pure gold, not only does it show off each members' powerful vocals, but it also gifts us with some sick beats (can I pull that off? I don't think so) and genuine throwback musical elements. Anyway, with that said, I wasn't anxiously awaiting new music, but when I saw Work From Home blowing up on social media I was excited to take a look. I'm sad to say that I'm disappointed with this song, but am holding on to the hope that the rest of the album, titled 7/27, is going to be better. 

I don't even know where to start, the video or the song? Either way, both are incredibly boring and remind me of someone equally boring, like The Saturdays. The lyrics are terrible, just trying to squeeze in every work/sex metaphor they can in the verses. The chorus is literally repeating the word work a thousand times, and it's dancey and fun, but as I've said, feels like it could be sung by anyone. There's nothing unique about this track at all. In my opinion the rap feature is sooooo overdone. Two verses by the primary artist with the third done by a rapper is so boring. Why doesn't anyone flip it up? Take a leaf out of Kanye and Big Sean's book on All Your Fault and try something new. The only bit of the song that sounds like 5H is the climax of the song where you can properly hear their voices and you've got both that electronic melody and a beat. 

The video is a whole other problem. Granted the girls all look beautiful (especially Lauren's new haircut), but what's new? It reminds me of the video for Satisfaction. I guess it's kind of a feminist statement that they've switched out the women for oiled up men? But anyway I hate that they feel the need to overtly sexualise themselves - let the music do to talking! 

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