Hi, I'm Dolly!

I just moved back to London after spending the last three years in Bristol for university. My goals in life are to travel the world, and to (one day) open up my own vegan cafe. I dream to lead a happy, informed, and creative life.

I am an avid TV watcher - I absolutely LOVE discussing the ins and outs and hidden meanings in TV, as well as trying to convert people to Orange Is The New Black ;). I'm a collector, music listener (is that a thing?), user of parentheses, photoshop player, thinker, reader, nail painter ... the list goes on.

I have two cats that I am obsessed with - I can literally lose a whole hour just watching them (is that creepy?). I love taking photographs of flowers and action figures, riding the wildest roller coasters, cooking, eating, and laughing.

Thanks for stopping by, see you again soon!