Wednesday 24 September 2014

Dolly In ... Greece

So ...  I'm back! I just flew back from Greece yesterday afternoon, have caught up on the two new episodes of The Mindy Project and slept. Sorry for not posting in over a week; I scheduled a weeks worth of posts (| | | |) before I went away, and assumed I'd have access to a computer while I was away to write some stuff for last week, but no. No computers. Worse than that, Wi-Fi was pretty sporadic too. There were a few times when I wasn't able to load Mindy Kaling's instagram feed all day!

Wi-Fi aside, this was probably the best holiday I've ever been on, even if it was slightly bittersweet. I was in Greece for three weeks (!) with my closest university friends, who I've lived with for the past three years. This holiday was planned as a kind of last hurrah, the longest holiday we'll probably be able to take together in a long time, what with us becoming adults and needing to get jobs and what not. 

The same group of us went Interrailing in 2012, and although we had a really great time doing that, we all agreed that the level of stress on that holiday was not one we wanted to recreate. Having not booked our trains, or even our hostels in advance, we were constantly on edge, worrying about where we were going to stay and if we were going to make our trains (usually we didn't).With that in mind, for our trip to Greece, we decided to book all the ferries and hostels in advance, and boy did this make things easier (and probably significantly cheaper). 

We started our trip in Athens, where I'd actually been before when I was about 14, and spent a day exploring the city and taking advantage of the free walking tour (thanks to our guide George!). We then visited some amazing Greek islands: Mykonos, Ios, Milos (| |) and Santorini, finishing our trip in Rhodes. I'm going to be posting about each of the islands individually over the next few weeks, as I took way too many pictures to put into one post. I'll review the places we went, and recommend accommodation, restaurants and day trips. 

I hope everyone's having a great September so far, just in case you need perking up, here are the two (1 2) tracks we literally played on repeat through the holiday. A weird mix I know.

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