Friday 3 October 2014

Dolly In ... Ios

Look at that sunset. Look at it! THAT was the view from our hostel room. We stayed at a place called Francesco's, and it was fantastic! They had a pool that looked out over the town and port, a bar where we met some really fun people, great rooms and housekeeping (!), and all the staff were awesome, especially the guy who drove us to the port at 7am even though he didn't start work till 9.

We only got to one beach on the island, called Mylopotas, and it was gorgeous (as you can see from the photo below). Even better than that, it was deserted when we got there! It was like having our own private beach, except for the hot American guy, who obviously shaved his chest, who came over to talk to us. We walked to the beach down the steepest hill I've ever seen (yep, in your face Constitution Hill!). Thankfully we made the last bus back.

Ios is known as the party island, and boy oh boy was it. About a five minute walk from our hostel took us to the town that during the day was deserted. On our first day we though we'd just chosen to stay on a really unpopular island, but then, we went out at night. At night the streets are throbbing with people drinking at bars waiting for the clubs to open (which they don't do till 3am!). We went to one particular bar where you buy a €5 drink, and then get hit over the head with an object of your choice. Of course you wear a helmet, but still, being hit with a bar stool, a skateboard, a hammer, or even the bar tenders' foot, is pretty wild. We of course paid for our friend to do it ;)

Overall, Ios was fantastic, and we've all agreed that we need to go back there ASAP. There were only three of us on the trip at that point, and although we still had a butt load of fun, as the saying goes, the more the merrier. I would definitely recommend Ios to everyone, young or old, up for a party, or wanting to lounge on the beach all day. It was a really pretty island that was not rammed with tourists. 

P.S. it's pronounced eee-os.

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