Wednesday 8 October 2014

Dolly In ... Milos | Part One

OMG, photos of people!? On Dolly's blog? Yes, your eyes are not deceiving you, that's me up there with my friends. I realised that these Dolly In ... posts were getting a bit samey, so I decided it was about time I introduced some photos of people. We loved Milos! At first we thought that 5 days there might be too much, but in fact we wouldn't have been able to fit in all the fantastic stuff we did if we hadn't stayed there for that long (hence part one and two). 

I love this picture (slash the 20+ photos I took of this scene) because I think it looks like a band portrait. The great lighting mixed with the gorgeous location and lack of people, to me, made a great photo. I took this in a place called Plaka which is the main town on Milos. Like most places we visited, Plaka was deserted during the day and came (slightly more) alive after dark. As you can see, we enjoyed a fantastic sunset, probably the best of the entire trip, up in Plaka. 

Ok yes, that is what you think it is, it's a chocolate fondue with ICE CREAM! We dipped ice cream into melted chocolate! Just take a second to get your head around that. OK? Cool, let's continue. We'd had a bit of an off day (as you do), and so, to treat ourselves, we went to this really cool looking ice cream shop that had an inconceivable number of available flavours. As we went to grab a table, we noticed that everyone seemed to have ordered the same thing, a chocolate fondue. It was only on further inspection of the menu though that we realised how ice cream was involved. €5 each seemed a bit steep, but after we'd devoured it, we all agreed that it had been the best €5 we ever spent. 

As the guy in our hostel kept reminding us, Milos has thirty two beaches, and all of them are completely different. This one you can see above was my favourite beach of the whole trip, Sarakiniko.

Sarakiniko was the weirdest place I think I've ever been, it looked like a set from Star Trek. The walk down to the beach was between startlingly bright white hills that eventually open up onto a narrow area of sand. The water is very shallow in this inlet, but once you swim out of it, it's deep enough to be able to jump off rocks. Which I did! The rocks at the entrance of the inlet also caused a natural wave pool to form at the side. Obviously I spent a long time in there. 

We also managed to get to the hot springs on the island, even though there was no bus and they were incredibly poorly signposted. It was the first time I've been in anything like that and it was awesome. You just swim out into the sea, and it gets hotter! It's a bit like a jacuzzi, as the heat is caused by bubbles of sulphur. Ok yes, it did smell a bit, and it dyed my friends' beautiful white swimming costume a bit orangey, but I think it was worth it. 

That's all for this post, but look out for Part Two where I'll be talking all about the boat trip we took around the island.

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