Wednesday 22 October 2014

The Best Ever Lady Gaga Playlist

My name is Dolly and I love Lady Gaga. 

She's incredible. Not just her music, but her message and her attitude too. Recently her popularity seems to have dwindled, and I'm not sure why. It's not because her music is any worse, ARTPOP is a great follow up album to Born This Way, with just the right amount of sameness and evolution. I guess it could in part be due a lack of promo, and quite a long time between the release of BTW and ARTPOP, BUT personally I think it's a psychological thing. When Lady Gaga came onto the scene she changed everything. Her rise to icon status was spectacularly fast, and led some people to ponder whether her descent would be just as fast. I think now that the majority of music in the charts is by one hit wonders, people expect artists to burn bright and then fizzle out pretty quickly. I also believe sometimes it is the novelty of a track or an artist that can make them successful, hence why so many artists don't get the opportunity to make a 2nd/3rd/4th album. Anyway, incoherent rant over, lets get to the music!

Gaga attempts so many genres, and masters every single one of them. She can make banging electro-pop anthems, tear-inducing piano ballads, and big uplifting love songs. These songs showcase all the sides of Gaga, and if you've not given her a chance before reading this, I bet you will now.

Note: the reason I'm writing this is because I'm seeing Gaga live this week and I'm so so so excited I can't stop thinking about it!!

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