Monday 11 January 2016

Open to 2016

So, I know, I'm the worst. Like worse even than Britta Perry. My last posts were in September! That's over three months ago, and even before that my blogging schedule was whack. So, not to sound like a broken record, but that's all about to change. I have a lot of exciting things coming up soon, and they most definitely cannot go by without me blogging about them. But, before we get into all of that, let me just update you on what's been going on with me over the last few months. 
  • I went to Greece for six weeks - So I spent a bit of time in Greece this year volunteering at a turtle rescue centre. It was good, but I'm saving a more detailed explanation for a separate post.
  • I got a new job - I work in a department store in London, and although I applied for a permanent job, I'm going to leave after my probationary period because I hate it so much. Okay, I don't hate it that much, but it's really not where I want to be. The customers are rude, the pay isn't worth it, and the products I'm selling (freaking curtain and upholstery fabrics!) I have no interest in or passion for, or even general knowledge about. EDIT: since I wrote this I've been moved to a different department which, to be honest with you, is slightly better. It's the China and Glass department, so we sell plates, glasses, vases, mugs and other decorative things. Still, it's not what I want to be doing, and I'm pretty sure I never want to work in retail again, unless I'm a manager. (Sidenote: We get a lot of famous people in my shop, recently I've seen Hugh Grant, Hugh Bonneville, Adele, Bob Geldof, the guy who plays Joe Carroll on the Following, and if you're a fan of British Royalty, I totally sold Kate Middleton some table cloth material)
  • I've not been (too) sad - so apart from a major slip up last weekend (don't ask why, it's ridiculous), I've been doing quite well mentally. I think working so much means that I don't have so much time to wallow and let my own negative thoughts stew. I've been anxious and scared about what's coming in February, but more of that to come below...
  • I've not really done anything of note - since September I've been to two gigs (both of which were great, Gavin Degraw and Fifth Harmony), been out for dinner and coffee with my friends (Candy Hearts reference anyone) a handful of times, watched all 7 Star Wars films, and that's about it. 
  • I've lost nearly 2 stone - I almost forgot to put this one in! Early in November I joined Slimming World, and have very nearly lost 2 stone. It's been really great for me, and the meetings are actually the highlight of my week. I love hearing what everyone's been up to, it almost feels like group therapy. I'm gonna try and lose 2.5 stone before February, because I know I'm gonna put it all back on. Ideally I'd like to lose about 5 stone in total, maybe thats a 2016 goal?

Ok so I'm not even going to bother reposting my 2015 goals here, because 1 it seems ridiculous and scary that that was a year ago, and 2, I failed miserably at all of them. So, what are this years' goals? Well, I'm not a goal person, I don't think. To be honest I've never had that period of self-reflection when you work out who you are, like am I Type A or B, maybe/hopefully that's all still to come. 

So, anyway, as you know, I'm totally obsessed with Elise, and was slightly heartbroken when she said she was going to stop posting five days a week on her blog. However, I totally get it (how she managed to do that for ten years still amazes me). Every year Elise chooses a word for the year, inspired by Ali Edwards' One Little Word, and this year I was inspired to do the same. I listened to Elise's podcast episode with Ali when I was taking a late night walk in the park to clear my head (it was that fantastic weekend I mentioned above), and as soon as Ali mentioned that one of her previous words was open, I knew that that had to be mine.

To me open means being receptive to new ideas and challenges, and not writing something off simply because I'm scared. I'm the type of person who always orders the same thing at a restaurant because I know I like it, and where I don't particularly mind this 'closed' approach, I think becoming more open could lead to some new discoveries, not just with food. Of course open also means that I'll be holding doors open for men at any chance I can get #fthepatriarcy.

Okay, so what's this big thing I was talking about that's happening in February? Well ... I'm finally going travelling around Southeast Asia! Woohoo! I mean, I'm equal parts excited and totally petrified, but it's something I've been talking about for years (as a friend recently reminded me). I've pretty much got an itinerary planned, but all of that could change as I meet friends and strangers along the way. I'm probably going to spend half of the time with friends, and the other half on my own. I am scared of course, we all know I'm a super wimp, but I'm hoping that with the amount of planning I've put in, there'll be enough things to see and do that I wont end up getting depressed in a hostel bunk bed and wanting to fly home immediately. 

One of the key things I want to accomplish on this trip is to make a film a week. Yes, like a travel vlogger, except I doubt you'll be seeing my face if it's not to show you my reaction to some new delicacy. I've bought a camera especially, so I have to do it. I've been really getting into YouTube again recently, but the side that's less about make up and buying things (which is starting to grate with me). I've been inspired by Casey Neistat, Tim Kellner, JacksGap, VagaBrothers, devinsupertramp. Of course, they're all white men (yay diversity!), because the majority of women on YouTube talk about makeup and clothes. So hopefully I can make some good travel videos for YouTube despite the fact that I'm a woman. (Too bitter? Oh well, that's because I am).

So that's everything for now, look forward to a post about my travel itinerary and then my videos! I'm planning to do one a week, so that should be at least 8 videos in total. 

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