Friday 15 August 2014

Dolly In ... Slovenia

Sorry if these posts are becoming repetitive and boring, but I've still not stayed in a hostel that has (free) access to a computer. Access I need in order to be able to upload my photos, beautify and format my posts. (EDIT: I have now uploaded some pictures from my camera, they're not edited, but it's all I can manage for now)

For the last two days I've been in Slovenia. I've been here before, on my interrailing trip two years ago but, to put it mildly, it was a massive fail. Our train from Zagreb to Ljubljana had been delayed, meaning that the hostel we'd booked had closed, and we had nowhere to stay! My brave (and cheap) friends decided they'd wait out the night in a park, but I took the sensible (and wimpy) route by opting to shell out for a hotel for the night. This meant that where I got a good night's sleep and a huge breakfast, they got drenched and got about an hours sleep on concrete. You decide who did the right thing. (Hint: it was me.)

The next day we only had the morning to explore Ljubljana, and because my companions hadn't really slept, we ended up spending most of it in McDonalds with them eventually nodding off one by one. This time however, we did it a bit better. (Slash I'm just tagging along with a group who've already organised their whole trip, so ... Score!)

We allocated a whole day to explore Ljubljana, and ended up doing a free walking tour as well as tasting the national delicacies and spending a lot of money in the supermarket. (I also managed to squeeze in dying my hair, but that's neither here nor there.) The walking tour was ok, but surprisingly walking-light. I guess the city's a lot smaller than Budapest, but I didn't enjoy the fact that 80% of the tour (which was three hours long) was spent standing in one place. We did however see some really beautiful things, like the cathedral, dragon and triple bridges, as well as the bustling main square. It seems like a really pretty place, but also very conservative and religious, probably won't need to go back there anytime soon.

The next day we got the train to Lake Bled. It's only about and hour from Ljubljana, and then about ten minutes bus ride from the station. It was so beautiful! Unfortunately it was pretty misty and rainy, meaning I didn't get the photos I wanted (glittering water and what not), but it was still one of the most gorgeous places I've ever been. In the afternoon I took a boat to the central island (forgetting that I get incredibly sea sick) where I had a look round the church and ate some delicious hazelnut cake.

I have a strange relationship with water, as I've already mentioned, I love to swim. In swimming pools. But when it comes to the sea and other natural bodies of water, I'm a bit more reserved. I don't like not knowing how deep the water is, hence why I didn't join my friends canyoning. I've had so many fantastic opportunities to jump off cliffs and water falls, in the old town in Dubrovnik, in the Grand Canyon, but I'm always too scared. Maybe I should add something to my bucket list. 'Stop being such a wimp'?. 

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