Monday 11 August 2014

Dolly On ... Holiday!

Apologies for not posting on Friday, but I was having a last minute rush to get packed for the holiday I was taking on Saturday, for six weeks, that I booked on Thursday. I know, short notice much? Anyway, one of my school friends was travelling with some of her uni friends and asked if I wanted to join, which of course I did, but I had the secret cinema on Thursday which I'd paid £50 for, so wasn't able to leave until after that. The plan is to hang out with them for a week or so, then explore Italy, then meet up with some other people in Greece.

I booked a flight to Budapest on Saturday at 8 am, which for some reason meant I had to wake up at 3. Urgh! But I got here in one piece, and managed to read quite a bit of Bossypants on the plane. I took a bus and a tube from the airport to the centre where I checked in at my hostel. It was very small, there was only one room, with six beds, and one bathroom, but it was actually really nice. The staff were great, and so was the location, there wasn't really anything else I needed. I met up with my friends in the evening, and we went to the most delicious Thai place (I know I should probably be eating traditional Hungarian food, but ... whatever, I'm very picky) and had pad thai. All of us. And oh my goodness was it delicious! (So delicious in fact that I had it for dinner the next day too! And wouldn't even mind having it again today. But I'm getting ahead of myself.) We then planned to go out to some of the famous ruin bars they have here, but I only made it to one. (Remember at the beginning when I told you that I woke up at 3 am, well here's where that bit rears it's ugly head.) The bat was called Szimpla (they seem to love putting random z's in everything over here), and I had actually been there before a couple of years ago. Anyway, after purchasing my malibu and coke and finding a seat, I could feel myself doing that awkward thing where your head starts to go because you're falling asleep and can't keep it up (that's what she said, I know). So that was the end of that wild night. It ended before it began.

The next day we headed to these incredible baths, not the main baths though, as the night before there'd been an insane party there that had apparently turned into a massive orgy, and apparently there were used condoms everywhere. Eew, right!? So anyway, the baths we did go to were awesome, there were indoor and outdoor naturally heated pools that kind of felt like you were taking a bath with loads of strangers, but strangely that didn't seem the bother me. Maybe there was something in the water ;) The highlight of the baths was the wave pool, yes, you read that right, the WAVE POOL! Every hour for 15 minutes most of the people in the complex headed to this massive outdoor pool. It was awesome, but also pretty strange, to see a pool filled with near 100 adults all smiling and having fun. Maybe it's just me, or England, but at swimming pools it's usually people doing lengths. Exercise and what not. And at wave pools, or any other water/fun mash up, it's usually full of children. So this Hungarian, fun-filled adult soup was unique, and I loved it. I'm such a cheap date, if you want to impress me, just take me to a wave pool.

Anyway, that's all I've got for now, but ill try to post something on Wednesday. Not sure if you've noticed, or care, or whatever, but I try to post on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays, and I will continue to do that for the rest of my trip, wifi permitting. I'm writing this on my phone, so excuse the lack of formatting and the poor quality of my phone pics (they're probably not actually that bad, but ill apologize just in case anyone's offended by the lack of DSLR quality pics). So, see you guys soon, I may or may not be in Ljubljana.

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