Friday 29 August 2014

This Week Vol. 5

This week I spent some time with Bella, and had the pleasure of photographing her for some of her outfit posts. Here are some of my favs.

I've also done quite a bit of shopping recently, both pre and post holiday hauls, and wanted to share a few of my favourite bits and bobs.  

Firstly, I bought these two tankini tops, both of which were on sale, from Peter Jones. I'm going to Greece next Wednesday for three weeks (I can't wait!), as a last hurrah/joint birthday celebration with my university friends. Time on this holiday is going to be split equally between chilling on the beach and partying in clubs, so I wanted to have some options for swimwear. I have a swimming costume that I love, but when I saw the pattern of this blue top and the style of black one I had to have them. I haven't bought a swimming costume in such a long time, the one I have now is actually one my mum bought that didn't fit her, so I think I'm allowed to spend a (little) bit on them.

I can't believe how well I did on this mini book haul! I got all these books for £3 from a Car Boot Sale! 4 out of these 5 books are on my to read list, so I couldn't believe my luck. I've been wanting to read Cloud Atlas and Eat, Pray, Love for a long time, and it's been hard to miss Gone Girl taking over. A friend of mine recently read The Handmaid's Tale and rated it really highly, so I thought I'd pick that up too. As for Face, it's Benjamin Zephaniah, what more is there to be said? Look forward to reviews of these when I get back from Greece!

I also purchased a few make-up/beauty items this month. I love wearing lipstick, but during my big move back from university I seem to have lost all the ones I own. So, before I went on holiday I thought I'd stock up. I got a variety of colours, mostly reds and dark purply colours, but I also branched out and bought a nude, which I have to say I am really liking. While on our Peter Jones spree (I say spree, we only bought about three things)I thought I'd have a look at the Guerlain counter as I'd run out of my perfume Insolence only about 6 months earlier. To my delight, it was on special offer. Half price! Woo, I really am doing well this month! That other perfume is a really nice, fresh lemon scent by Roger & Gallet. My mum had a voucher, so she got the ginger scented one.

and finally ...
  • Loved this post from Elise on The Art of the Crop. It's something I'm not too good at as I hate to lose any of the photograph, but this has to change. Reading this post and seeing the difference a good crop can make has inspired me to take a second look at my photos and remember that they don't have to be perfect first time round!
  • This is the most beautiful thing I've ever seen. OK, maybe not quite, but I can't believe I've not thought of this, or even seen a picture floating around the internet. 
  • Just discovered Sea of Shoes, and am loving the hair. What with her and Skunkboy making it look so fantastic, I think I might have to go red when my hair grows out. I'm still at the awkward growing out phase at the moment, and am using it to experiment with some pretty wild colours. 
  • As I'm writing this I'm listening to One Day More from the Les Mis Soundtrack. This stuff does not get old. 

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