Monday 29 September 2014

Dolly In ... Mykonos

We only got to spend two days in Mykonos due to the weird nature of the ferries, but we did manage to get a real feel for the place.

We stayed in a place called Paraga Beach Camping, a campsite that was literally on the beach. We stayed in a 'tent' that looked a bit like a bunker and only had one plug socket (ahh!). The hostel, considering how cheap it was, was fantastic. It had a pool and a restaurant where my two friends said they had their best meal of the holiday! So ... highly recommended!

All over Greece there were these bakeries that sold the most amazing selection of cream cakes. They all looked sooooo delicious. 

These few pictures are from the town of Mykonos that was so pretty. We even went so far as to say we preferred it to Santorini. 

As you can see, I'm not the best at night time photography, because I have incredibly shaky hands, and no tripod. We ended up spending ages trying to get a good picture of the town at night and, to be honest, failing miserably. In the end we decided just to go with it.

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