Friday 26 September 2014

Dolly On ... Emma Watson's Speech (+ Friday Favs)

It was impossible to get through this week without hearing, or at least hearing about, Emma Watson's speech at the UN on gender equality. I think it was fantastic, but I do have a bit more to say on the subject than that.
  1. #HeForShe doesn't work for me. To me it is the opposite of female empowerment, as it implies that a) women can't do anything for themselves, and b) they need men behind them. The campaign so far seems to be praising men for standing up for women's rights (see Tom Hiddleston), but when do women ever get praised for doing the same?
  2. I'm not going to say that only women can be feminists, or that gender equality can be achieved without the involvement of men, but centring this entire campaign around men is just a little offensive. I think this campaign would've worked better as maybe Emma Watson's second or third as a UN ambassador, but I think her first should have had women at the forefront. As I've said, the whole #HeForShe idea, to me, is belittling to women. 
  3. On a positive note, I think what Emma Watson has done is absolutely brilliant. Speaking out  positively about feminism as a young woman is rare, and I think she's done a really great job. It seems to be almost 'in' for women to denounce themselves as feminists (see Lily Allen, Iggy Azalea, Lana Del Rey etc.), and for Emma to step up and publicly tell the world her stance on gender equality is absolutely great for young girls to hear.
All in all, I don't think the campaign's perfect, but I think what Emma Watson has done is. She has a global reach and fan base, and I think watching this video could turn many people, both women and men, on to the path to gender equality. 

Charlavail posted this video about a week ago, and it's amazing. I've been meaning to get into Daughter as a lot of my friends love them. After watching this video, I think I'm gonna love them. 
  • Finally got my copy of Happy Handmade Home, and it's inspired me to take another look at my bedroom.
  • Absolutely loved the first two episodes of season three of The Mindy Project. There's a particular scene I've been watching over and over again (like a perv). I'm sure you can guess which one (hint: it's at the end of episode one) ;)
  • This is so good, and so is this
  • My godsister's just started her own YouTube channel, and it's pretty sweet. 
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