Monday 8 September 2014

Mini Lipstick Haul

So this is my first makeup post, and likely my last. I don't wear a lot of makeup in general, usually just some mascara and a bit of eyeliner. If I'm going out though, I always make sure to slap on a bit of lippy. Recently, as I mentioned here, I went a bit mad and bought four new lipsticks in one go. I got two dark colours, as these are my go to shades, a red and a nude. 

So these first three lipsticks are from the Stay Pout range of Boots' own brand Seventeen. These lipsticks were £4.49 each, the cheapest in store, and although it's still a lot of money, they are so much cheaper than MAC etc. who charge upwards of £13 per lipstick!

1. Fond Farewell | Seventeen

I've really enjoyed my first venture into nude lipstick with this one. It's a shimmery browny colour not too dissimilar to my natural lip colour.

2. Infared | Seventeen 

3. Rule Breaker | Seventeen

4. 420 LPS1 | Barry M

I think LPS1 means lip stain, but I can't quite remember. These last two lipsticks look very similar in the pictures, but actually the Barry M one is a lot redder compared to the Seventeen one that actually looks a lot more purple. So far I prefer the Seventeen one, because although the lip stain does seem to stay on for a long time, it quickly fades to a lighter red instead of staying dark.

I'm not a makeup blogger, and although I have to admit I do spent a lot of time watching Zoella talking about makeup, I don't really feel qualified enough to be able to review these to any extent. What I will say though is that they are all surprisingly long wearing for cheap lipsticks, especially the Stay Pout ones. They stayed on pretty much all day, even after I'd stuffed my face with pizza and drunk litres of water!

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