Monday 1 December 2014

Best of the 80s | Guilty Pleasures

So I was just flicking through the music channels (which is literally all I do with the TV nowadays), and Careless Whisper came on. I freaking love that song! So, I thought, how can I share my love of this song with my readers? Aha! An 80s Guilty Pleasures Playlist ... enjoy! (To view the playlist in YouTube, click here.)

Careless Whisper | George Michael 

Take On Me | a-ha

True | Spandau Ballet

Only You | Yazoo

Don't You Want Me | The Human League 

Livin' On A Prayer | Bon Jovi

The Power of Love | Huey Lewis

Wind Beneath My Wings

Against All Odds | Phil Collins

The Winner Takes It All | ABBA

I do feel like a bit of a fake writing this because I wasn't born in the 80s, but then I remember how many people love the Beatles. So ... meh. Also, when I say 'best of', I mean a) songs that I like, b) songs that I can remember, and c) songs that I classify as 'classically' eighties (hence why Purple Rain isn't on here). What do you think, do you agree? I'll be making a 'cooler' 80s Playlist soon, including the likes of Madonna, Prince and Michael Jackson. 

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