Wednesday 12 November 2014

Top Five Episodes of Community

Community has a fairly simple premise, it's about a Community College Study Group. It may not sound that funny, but the writers are geniuses, and make every episode a lol-fest (I didn't know how else to put it). The characters are so well written and developed that even an episode that revolves entirely around a lost pen can be one of the best.

Remedial Chaos Theory

This is hands down the best episode of Community ever, but it wouldn't be half as good if you weren't already a fan, and weren't already incredibly familiar with all the characters, as it is ridiculously character based.

Digital Estate Planning

This episode is seriously funny. It involves the gang being transformed into video game characters, and is so well done. Again, like most Community episodes the humour comes from the characters, like Pierce not knowing how to play the game and Troy jumping the entire time, if you weren't a fan of the show, these things might not be quite as funny.

Advanced Dungeons & Dragons

I really enjoy the episodes of Community where the majority of the time is spent around the study room table, and this is no exception. Watching the different members of the study group deal with Dungeons and Dragons is hilarious. 

Conspiracy Theories and Interior Design

Lolwut?! That was my first reaction to this episode, and my second and my third. I still don't really get it, and that's exactly why you should watch it. Over and over again.

Competitive Ecology

Todd and Chang. That's all that needs to be said about this episode. (But mostly Chang.)

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