Sunday 21 July 2013

America Day Six

Comic Con Day Two

This day was Veronica Mars. They were having a panel where they'd be showing a clip of the film, so I had to go! I woke up at 4 (!), and by the time I'd got ready, waited for the bus and travelled there, it was about 5.20 by the time I got in line.

I sat down and got talking to the people around me. There was a married couple, she was called Diana, and I can't remember his name, maybe Chris? There was another guy who was on his own, but his friend was coming later, again I can't remember his name. He was really sweet, an astrophysicist from New Mexico (I know, get in there right!).

So we all got to know each other for a bit which was good, Diana was so nice. We played zombie dice, I was awful! It's a bit like Yatzee, you have to collect brains, but if you roll 3 bullets you lose all of your brains. The queue started moving quite early. The campers took up a lot of space, so just getting them to compress got us a lot nearer to the convention centre, (when I first got in line, it was about a 15 minute walk from the Hall H door! I was not feeling confident).

We gradually moved forwards, through the streets, along the harbour, and finally onto the grassy area underneath the tents, with the usual back and forward queue set up. We were under these tents until they started letting people in at around 9.30, they should've started earlier, because we only got in at 10.10 and the first panel started at 10, but I think there's some kind of legal requirement against this.

The first panel was The End Of The World, the third in the 'Cornetto Trilogy', so weird that they call it that here when they don't even sell them in America - Go England! The previous two films were Shaun of the Dead and Hot Fuzz, so although this wasn't the panel I'd got in line 5 hours early for, I was at least interested in it. I'd seen the panel the day before with Edgar Wright the director, and that was pretty good, so I was looking forward to the exclusive clip.

The film looks good, it's about a bar crawl that goes wrong when aliens attack. The clip looked funny, so I'll definitely be going to see it :)

YAAAAAAAYYYYY I made it for the VM panel! They were all awesome. The two 'love interests' wore T Shirts with the others' name on it which was sweet (there's a pic below).

mmmm schneaky

She remembered her first line from the film and said that in character which was really cool.


This is where Dick joined in with the T Shirts, what are they like.
Next was the Kick Ass 2 panel. Found out some goss in the queue from a nother guy that was behind us, Jim Carrey's in the film, but apparently on Twitter he's been saying how much he disagrees with it! How it's way too violent etc. so there was no way he was coming to SDCC to promote it :'(

The panel was good, Chloe Moretz was filming Carrie, so she couldn't be there, but there was a live stream where she talked about Hit Girl. SHE WAS SO MATURE FOR 16 YEARS OLD! I have accomplished nothing!

Thank GOD, Aaron Johnson (now Aaron Taylor Johnson - feminism in action? I think so) got rid of that horrible blonde hair and beard situation. Ain't nobody got time for that!

Turk and Tybalt on the end! I was excited, but they didn't really get asked anything which was awks. 
Next was the Walking Dead panel, I feel bad because I've seen one episode, and am not really tempted to watch anymore, so yeah it was ok. Cutty from the wire was on the panel, so I just watched him.

YAY GAME OF THRONES! They were all there, except the Lanisters, but what can you do.

Jon Snow is my favourite.

I was surprised how many of them were English, JS and Danaerys, and Robb is Scottish. Who knew?

She was creepy looking. I think skeletal's the word.

Keep Calm and Tyrion.

The Man. The Legend.
Then was Cloudy With A Chance Of Meatballs 2. I wasn't going to stay, but the trailer looked so good!!! The food takes on a life of it's own, and they have Tacodiles, Shrimpanzees and more that I can't remember. The panel were all quite famous comedians, so it was pretty good. Can't wait to see the film!

This panel made me hungry.
Then it was the Mortal Instruments. I thought it was just gonna be another Twilight (which I thkn it is on some level), but the trailer was good. AND......... THE CAST!



I had no idea Damien Dalgaard was going to be at this panel, so glad I stayed! I didn't stay for Amazing Spiderman 2. Fuck Andrew Garfield. He's so up himself. Apparently he came to the panel dressed as Spiderman, again, and answered questions in character. Dick.

I left the Mortal Instruments panel at about 5, so I went to pick up my GoT swag bag. They give you a ticket in the panel, and you get free stuff! The Dexter one was shit. It was a fan. But this, a book, a T shirt, a notebook, a backpack, money off their store, and some kind of incentive to watch their stuff on Netflix.

I read in the guide that there was a panel called All Shapes and Sizes, about the sexualisation of women in the media, and body image for women in the spotlight. It was really good, they dealt with some pretty big topics like eating disorders, body dysmorphia etc. It was really good though, I felt pretty empowered afterwards.

After this I just got the shuttle back and fell straight asleep!

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