Sunday 21 July 2013

America Day Five

Comic Con Day One - Dexter Panel!!

How awesome is this. A rickshaw where the chair is the iron throne! 
One of many great outfits (including mine (lesbian trousers all the way!))
Harrison Ford - The Man. The Legend. He was so miserable, but I think it was an act, slash he was playing what people think of him. It was good though.

MWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA.  This, along with the panels on Sunday (I haven't got there yet, I'm not THAT far behind) was something I HAD HAD HAD HAD HAD to see. So I got there at 11.30. The panel was at 6.30 :/. However, this early, there was no line, and I managed to get right to the front! The panels beforehand were surprisingly good. They had the 10 best animation shorts in the world right now which were all amazing. It included Paperman (obvz) and this one about using theme parks in a scientific experiment, and they were all animated, but the guy talking was live action. The rides were like the ones in Spy Kids 2 (<3) - freaking amazing! Then there were panels for some new films, Divergent which looked really good, Enders' Game - meh, no real feelings about this one, and Europa Report which looked quite good, but they kinda spoiled a bit.

So, of course, for the panel I want to see most, where I'm right at the front, and would be able to take amazing picture, my camera died. AAAAH. I was so angry, but what can you do, so I used my phone. The pics are ok, at least you can kinda tell who they were.

Soooooo, the attendees for the Dexter panel were amazing! They brought back the dead, three times, and it was awesome. There were three producers, Aimee Garcia (Angels sister), Desmond Harrington (Quinn, and uncle Jack in Gossip Girl, mmm he is mighty fine), Yvonne Strahavski (Hannah McKay. Also mighty fine), Jennifer Carpenter (Deb, she is sooooooooo thin!), Michael C. Hall (of course Dexter), JULIE MOTHER FUCKING BENZ! (never did I think I'd see the day when I'd be in the same room as Julie Benz, she is one fine ass mofo. Dead for 4 years and still looks amazing. Her ass was huge, she may have had work, it was Nicki Minaj huge.), Angel, La Guerta, and DOAKES (he was awesome! He came in wearing a T shirt with his 'catchphrase 'Surprise Motherfucker', and as he left the stage he shouted it, even though they kept telling him not to swear!

They discussed a lot of things, including the new season and what's coming up. There were questions about getting in and out of character as well as about how much they were going to miss their characters. We got a sneak pic clip of the upcoming episodes which was great, didn't show much, but I'm glad, I want it to surprise me (that's one thing I like about TV, unlike films, the trailers don't give everything away, often you can't tell what's coming up, and especially with Dexter.) for the final episodes.

Right at the end of the panel the moderator asked them to go down the line with final thoughts about the show, what's happened over the past eight years, what's to come, and about the fans. This bit was sad. They all shared how much they've loved being a part of Dexter, and how it wouldn't have got this far without fan support. Several of them teared up and discussed that when in finishes they're going to have a mourning period, regardless of whether or not their characters die (Jennifer said she'd like/have liked (seeing as they've already wrapped) Deb to die. I don't think she will. I think Dexter will, and she may well be the one to kill him, but I don't think se should die). Julie Benz (<3) said she knew she was gonna die, but it still took time to get over it.

mmmmm Des (such an unsexy name)
I don't want it to end :( 

They agreed, but said this was the natural end to the story, and that they wanted to make sure they could still go out on a high.

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