Monday 20 April 2015

What I'm Listening To | April

Nick Jonas - Jealous (Gospel Version) - I could very nearly just finish this post here, that's how much I've been listening to this song. I downloaded it just over two weeks ago and, because I have hardly listened to anything else, it it already my top played song in iTunes, overtaking Ain't It Fun. If you haven't listened to this version yet, DO IT NOW! It merges together two of my favourite things, gospel choirs and men singing in falsetto. It's so good, soooo good. I have no doubts that I will still be listening to this song for a long time to come. 

Gavin DeGraw - Like most people, I discovered Gavin DeGraw thanks to the best show in the history of television: One Tree Hill. You may think I'm joking, but OTH is literally my favourite show. I love it so much, but more on that another time. When I was at university I invested in Spotify, and one day I decided to listen to Gavin DeGraw's entire back catalogue, at which point, I fell in love. Since moving back home, I unsubscribed from Spotify and invested that money in Netflix (the best decision I ever made. The amount of television I watch for £5.99 a month is literally the best deal on the planet), so I lost all my Gavin DeGraw. Anyway, (this might be the longest, most boring story I've ever written) the other day I decided to download all of his music into my iTunes, and I remembered how much I love him. I think I'll do a whole post about him, because this is already way too rambly. 

Kendrick Lamar - Complexion (A Zulu Love) - This song is beautiful. It reminds me of early OutKast, especially Liberation (which is a fantastic song if you haven't heard it). I think the world needs this song right now. The song features Rapsody on the last verse and she's incredible. I haven't yet, but I'm planning to listen to every song she's ever made.

The Eagles - I was in my granddad's car the other day and Hotel California came on, immediately I started singing American Wedding along to it. As much as I love that song, I really love the guitar part, and, of course, that's the bit that's from Hotel California. So, long story short, I downloaded the two disc Eagles Greatest Hits album. I love the more rocky songs like Victim of Love and the slower, more easy-listening tracks like Lyin' Eyes. I'm on a 'listening to music I don't know the words to' kick at the moment. So I put this album on in the background a lot. 

Nick Jonas - Nick Jonas - Seeing how much I loved the gospel version of Jealous I thought I'd really like Nick Jonas' album, and, surprise surprise, I do! It's a weird amalgam of literally every single genre of music. I'm listening to Teacher right now which is pretty funky, then there's Chains which I don't even know how to describe. The only string that ties the whole album together is Nick Jonas' (it seems weird to just call him Nick) beautiful falsetto. Insert heart eyes emoji here. Basically I think you need to listen to the album, because me describing it as indescribable is probably not helping sell it. 

Guilty Pleasure of the Month

Usher - I Don't Mind - So the concept of this song, and the rapping are ... questionable. It's about Usher not minding that his girlfriend is a stripper, as long as she comes home to him at the end of the night. In a way I guess it's nice? I'm all about choice, and if a woman wants to strip, who am I to say she shouldn't. I think stripping, and everything that goes along with that, is a symptom of our patriarchal society, and where my ideal would be that it didn't exist at all, the fact that it does means that I can't judge a woman for choosing to go down that path (even though I don't believe it is exactly a choice). Anyway, feminism out of the way, this song is really nice to listen to. It's no secret that I've been a big Usher fan since the beginning, and, as this song proves, I can listen to him sing about anything. 

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