Thursday 10 July 2014

This Week Vol. 1

I've done a lot in the past week, which is unusual for me! I've been on a picnic, visited my old school, been shopping in Westfield, been to Brighton, to the V-delicious show, the Parsons Green Fair, and to a British Summer Time concert in Hyde Park! One thing I've noticed while trying to compile this post is that I NEED to take more photos! 

Me and a friend took a pretty spur of the moment trip to Brighton last Friday. The weather was fantastic, and I even managed to have a dip in the sea! For those of you who live in the UK, you'll know how rare that is! We had lunch in an awesome diner style restaurant, where we got a basket of the BIGGEST onion rings ever! After spending an afternoon wandering around the town I've decided that I need to move there. ASAP.

On Saturday I headed over to the V-delicious show over in Olympia, and you can read all about that here.

 On Sunday I went to one of the British Summer Time gigs in Hyde Park! The line-up was incredible. I couldn't not get a ticket. McBusted were headlining, supported by the Backstreet Boys! I'm the BIGGEST fan of the BSBs. Like seriously huge. I also got to see Scouting For Girls who are my guilty pleasure band, even though I'm starting to feel more confident about sharing my love for them with other people.

I had the best time I've had in a long time. It reminded me how much I love live music, and reestablished my dream to have a job in the music industry. Reading my posts you probably think I'm a nervous wreck, tearing up at the smallest things, but, I do have to admit that I did well up watching Scouting For Girls. I hadn't been to a gig for so long, and they were so good, and I love them and everything was just so happy. All in all a good day, so good in fact that I think I'm having a bout of post-concert depression. I've got so many more pictures, so I'll definitely do a full post, but not till I'm totally out of my funk. 

Here's to next week being just as good!

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